Family Photos!

Alec has been a client of mine since he was about 6 weeks old, we have a very great dialog and professional relationship. Just kidding, ( he is one of my favorite clients )  anyway… I’ve been photographing Alec for sometime now and its truly one of my favorite perks of this job is having the same clients over time and seeing them and their families grow. So when Joanna asked me a few months back to photograph some maternity/family shots for her I was more then excited.

Two of Alecs cousins were there which made the day even more special. I’m very close with my cousins, so to see them interact was so endearing and touching for me. However, some of my favorite photos from the day are definitely the outtakes of trying to get  3 children under the age of 6 to sit still for more then 30 seconds ( and of course soukie )

Joanna called me earlier in the day to tell me Alec had fallen and maybe we should reschedule, Rain was in the forecast for that Friday as well as Monday, but it wasn’t raining so i said we should just go for it! Little did we know Joanna would give birth that monday to baby Henrik Kola.

I can’t congratulate them enough and I am so beyond excited for their family to have a new member!

Be sure to keep your eyes pealed for baby Henri’s newborn photos!

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